R20R ICSee Pro 720P/2Mp Smart Wi-Fi Camera

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Fitur produk:

  1. Resolusi HD720P Lens 2Mp
  2. Monitoring dengan 350 ° pan dan 90 ° tilt
  3. Support mikrofon dan dukungan speaker dua arah audio
  4. Plug & Play tanpa pengaturan IP melalui router
  5. Support H.264 Streaming secara bersamaan;
  6. Mendukung alarm dan recor deteksi gerakan
  7. Aplikasi HP iCsee / XMEye
  8. Cocok untuk Rumah, Kantor, Toko, Restoran dll

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Smart IR-Cut Night Vision
The smart IR-Cut filter switches automatically between day and night to reduce color cast in day time and enhance image brightness at night making sure you can get vivid surveillance footage from dawn to darkN701-100W_03


Smooth Pan and Tilt Monitoring 
Camera head are rotatable with 355°pan and 90°tilt. You can control it via the app and get a sweeping view on every inch of your entire house. No details will ever make them pass even if they tried.


Using high-definition lens,picture quality is more clear


Motion detection& E-mail alert
With the motion detection function, the camera is able to detect any movements happened in your house and record it. Any movements can be detected and recorded via the motion detection function and alarming e-mail will be sent timely to leave you enough time for precautions.



Clear Two-Way Audio
When surveillance videos can't satisfy you, we provide you real-time two-way audio. Camera is built with microphone and speaker. So you can talk to your kids via your smartphone remotely whenever you want.


Support Up to 64GB TF Card Storage
The TF card slot allows you to insert a 64GB TF card, which means you can save images and videos for later viewing, meanwhile the large memory allow you to record everything you wanted without missing one moment.N701-100W_07



Q: What APP does the camera use?
A: iCsee recommended or XMeye
Q: What is the default IP address, username, and password?
A: The camera will automatically assign a DHCP IP address after connecting to a network.
You can check the IP address in the iCsee settings menu.
The username is ‘admin’.
There is no password as default. You need to set a password after connecting the camera.
Q: What is the recording capacity?
A: For 720p, the capacity reaches about 1 GB/hour. We suggest using motion detection to save space.Or you can connect to the NVR in router mode.
Q: Does this camera support ONVIF?
A: No, it does not support ONVIF. However, for a similar security option, you may choose NVR.

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Getting the "iCSee" app

  • 1 Register and Login
  • 2 Click "+"
  • 3 Click "Add My Camerarecommended"
  • 4 Click "Next step"
  • 5 Input wifi name and password 
  • 6 Automatic search and connect
  • 7 Set IP camera password
  • 8 Pick a name and save, complete


View via PC / Web

1,View via PC

Install the CMSCMS for Windows,VMS for Mac   Software in the CD ,or can download online,need contact us



You can select the language18 languages


How to watch via CMS:



2,View via web:

Local login, camera default IP addressCloud website:www.xmeye.net



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