Intent ICSee Pro HD1080P/3Mp Night Vision Baby Camera

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  1. Resolusi HD960P Lens 3Mp
  2. Monitoring dengan 350 ° pan dan 90 ° tilt
  3. Support mikrofon dan dukungan speaker dua arah audio
  4. Plug & Play tanpa pengaturan IP melalui router
  5. Support H.264 Streaming secara bersamaan;
  6. Mendukung alarm dan recor deteksi gerakan
  7. Aplikasi HP iCsee / XMEye
  8. Cocok untuk Rumah, Kantor, Toko, Restoran dll


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Q: What APP does the camera use?
A: iCsee recommended or XMeye
Q: What is the default IP address, username, and password?
A: The camera will automatically assign a DHCP IP address after connecting to a network.
You can check the IP address in the iCsee settings menu.
The username is ‘admin’.
There is no password as default. You need to set a password after connecting the camera.
Q: What is the recording capacity?
A: For 720p, the capacity reaches about 1 GB/hour. We suggest using motion detection to save space.Or you can connect to the NVR in router mode.
Q: Does this camera support ONVIF?
A: No, it does not support ONVIF. However, for a similar security option, you may choose NVR.


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how to useGDN

Getting the "iCSee" app


1 Register and Login
2 Click "+"
3 Click "Add My Camerarecommended"
4 Click "Next step"
5 Input wifi name and password 
6 Automatic search and connect
7 Set IP camera password
8 Pick a name and save, complete



View via PC / Web

1,View via PC

Install the CMSCMS for Windows,VMS for Mac 



You can select the language18 languages


How to watch via CMS:


2,View via web:
Local login, camera default IP addressCloud



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